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Planet Vapor is here to meet the needs of Newcastle, Blanchard, Tuttle, and surrounding areas. If you are in need of batteries,tanks, starter kits, our signature custom to order e-juice, or accessories, contact Tiffany or via email. If you’re interested in e cigs, you really need to see our line of products.


 This is the most realistic thing to actual smoking and the Electronic Cigarette does not come under the smoking ban in most places because first it is not lit and second it does not contain tobacco. This means you can finally smoke with freedom. Electronic Cigarettes (ECigs) have no tar, 99.9% less chemicals, are a Fraction of the Cost, And are probably the Best Smoke-Free Alternative yet !! E-Cigarettes are helping people all over the world kick the habit.


Try one of our kits which is designed for those new to e-cigs and vaping and for those looking for a simple, low cost rechargeable kit. In addition, Planet Vapor offers over 150 gourmet, top of the line liquids, including tobacco, fruit, dessert and organic recipes.


Come by today and visit, ask questions, look and sample some of our wonderfully tasty flavor liquids.

                                                                                                Tiffany Schuringa / Owner


Welcome to Planet Vapor! We are excited to be in the business of helping you move on from the traditional cigarette. Whether you are using the vapor to step down your nicotine level and quit altogether or just using it in place  of cigarettes, we know that it can be a huge success for you. Vapor contains 99% less chemicals than cigarettes and is harmless to those around you. You will find that it satisfies that urge to have something in your hand and also simulates smoke therefore satisfying the mental urge. Personal Vaporizers come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and  technical differences. The liquid that you fill them with also comes in thousands of flavors from ones that taste like tobacco to dessert flavors and just about anything you can imagine. The juice is comprised of 4 parts. Propylene Glycol is used in things like cosmetics, asthma treatments, and everyday household goods. This part is used in the juice as a flavor carrier and also creates the "throat hit" to make you feel like you are still smoking. Vegetable Glycerin is used in most baked goods and everyday products that we ingest. This is used in the juice to create the vapor and to thicken the mixture so that it isnt watery. This is the same stuff used in fog machines. Flavoring is used to help us create thousands of flavor combinations to fit your personal preference. Flavorings are the same ones used in any foods and recipes that we eat daily. Nicotine is extracted and comined with either PG or VG and vary in levels from 36mg to none at all. You are able to step down your level at your own pace. All of the carcinogins in cigarettes are not present in the vapor so it is an alternative without all the harsh chemicals.

There are many companies who make juice and range in quality like any other product. My mission is to produce the best and most consistent juice on the market. I believe that if you have good tasting juice you are more likely to be successful in quitting smoking. Quality and safety are my number one priority. All products are made in a clean lab where sterile equipment is used and lab gear is worn to ensure purity of product. I currently have 259 flavors, most of which are single flavors. I take pride in procing some more complex mixtures that I have worked to perfect. These are what are called Top Tier juices or Gourmet Juice. These more complex mixtures are part of my juice line called "Luscious Liquids". I am positive that I can make something unique and superb to make you happy.  If you would like to sample my product just use the contact us form at the top of the page and I will gladly discuss it with you. I want the chance to be a supplier to your store. The juice can either be sold to you in bulk for rebottling with your own labeling of I can botle it for you. The juice that I bottle is packaged in cobalt blue glass bottles with dropper tops and sealed with tamper-proof seals. I want us all to be successful. Feel free to contact me to discuss wholesale pricing. Happy Vaping! "You'll Love Our Juice!"


​Tiffany Schuringa/Owner