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3 Sultry Bra You Need for Your Honeymoon

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Indeed Honeymoon is one of the most amazing times for any couple. Along with beautiful outfits, seductive lingeries play an important role too.

At least I cannot imagine a romantic trip without a pair of sultry lingerie.  Often, women think that just a pair of T shirt bra is enough for an entire trip. Well! The reality is entirely different.


There are different types of bra that can be donned in honeymoon. And, all you need is just an idea about the right pairing.


So, in this article, I am going to talk about 3 such bras that you must pack for your next romantic trip.


1.Push Up Bra


Push up bras never gonna lie. It is one of the best innerwear for people with small cup size.


In fact, it is still the best choice for those with sagging breasts. This bra gives you the right amount of naughty lift without any surgery at all.


Let your breasts look fuller and bigger with this seamless bra. Trust me! Curve and cleavage look way better in this lingerie pair.

Different types of push up bras are available everywhere in the market.


So, pick up the one that fulfils your purpose and compliments your appearance.


2.Strapless Bra


Well! I must say that every closet would have at least one strapless bra. This lingerie pair is the one stop choice for all kinds of off-shoulder dresses.

Be it your wedding gown or a romantic date night, a strapless bra can be paired beautifully with tank tops, racerbacks, or woth off shoulder dresses.

If your breast size is on the bigger side of the scale, then you can skip it.



In modern times, bralettes have become one of the most popular lingeries. It is an amazing and unique blend of br and crop top.


The most interesting fact is that bralettes always look sultry. This piece of garment comes in many designs and shapes.

These bras come with numberous lacy designs.

Bralettes are for everyone especially for people with smaller cup size. So, get ready to don every outfit with this pair of bra.


To know more about bra size calculator and the other types of bra, check out Cosmetics Arena. Let us know which bra you did find trendy and attractive.

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