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6 outstanding burger joints for every burger-lover in Dubai

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Getting villas, bungalows or apartments for sale in Dubai, is the wisest decision because getting any property to live in Dubai is not just lucrative but also advantageous in many other ways. Since Dubia is a home to everyone, you can quench all kinds of cravings in the city.

For food lovers, Dubia is no less than a paradise and if you are a burger-person then we cannot think of better a place for you. In Dubai, you would get a burger of every variety and size, so let’s take a look at some of the best burger places in Dubai:

Meet me there

This place is super-duper popular and every resident of the city would agree that it sells the most mouth-watering burgers in Dubai.

At this burger joint, the rule is to offer the juiciest burgers with the simplest and unique flavourings.  Therefore rather than using regular cow meat, the burger makers at Meet me there, use black Australian beef to make their patties. That is because this unique form of beef provides the most succulent meat for burgers.

Made from white bread and black sesame seeds, this place makes sure that their burger buns are also one of their kind. The cheese added to this juicy burger is also of the most premium quality.

So visit this place and indulge your taste buds in the burst of the most unique flavours.

Good burger

This burger joint is the latest addition to the most popular burger places in Dubai. Founded in February 2020, Good Burger is thought to be an extension of Maiz Tacos. So if you are looking for quality burgers with Mexican herbs, this burger place is a way to go.

Ever since the launch, Good Burger has included a variety of different burgers that are nowhere else to be found. Here, you would get a portobello mushroom burger, a fried chicken burger and much more.

Other than the variety, Good Burger is known for offering very well-seasoned patties and a number of other quality ingredients.  Besides, treating burger fans, Good Burger is also an ideal food spot for people who love to enjoy flavourful sandwiches.

She Burger

This cute little burger spot started its business via WhatsApp, soon it became so popular that finally the owner’s of She burger had to introduce a proper outlet. Today, Sher burger sits proudly in the heart of Dar Al Wasl mall.

The brainchild of a famous Emirati entrepreneur, She Burger is unique for having burgers with interesting texture and flavour. That is mainly because here the burger makers add shredded potatoes in flour!

Although you might find their burgers a bit smaller in size, eating them with a drink and fries can make you feel sufficiently filled.


Although not every burger at this burger place would let you have an enjoyable eating experience, their Truffle Burger is something to die for!

Made with truffle ranch, Wagyu striploin, white cheddar cheese and crispy onion, the Truffle Burger of Parker’s is a must-have for everyone living and visiting Dubai.

Although a bit heavy and stuffed, the striking balance of flavours in this burger can leave you wanting for more and more.


Salt is a perfect success story for every entrepreneur who is starting from scratch.

The owner of Salt started their burger place in a food truck that used to sit idly on kite beach. Despite starting off this small, the popularity of Salt grew as such that now it boasts several branches across the city.

Salt is considered to be the pioneer of the potatoes bun movement in the United Arab Emirates. When Emaratis were busy enjoying the white sesame over the simple buns, Salt focused on creating the most amazing burger that could instantly melt in your mouth like dream. Usually, the burger at Salt comes in a pair, because they are petite, so make sure you do not order for a single piece.

Bite Me Burger Co

Bite Me Burger Co, is although a London-based burger spot, but really received the recognition it deserves after its branch opened in Dubai.

A burger joining for every type of foody out there, Bite Me Burger Co serves at least 15 varieties of mini-burgers that could not be relished anywhere else.

Dubai, not just has luxurious burgers to offer, but a complete regal lifestyle as well, therefore, to experience everything offered by this paradise, one should get villas for sale in Dubai.


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