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The Joker System began in 1965, when Augusto Boal’s Arena Theatre
carried out Arena Narrates Zumbí. Even though working on Zumbi, Boal and his group triednew non-conventional means of accomplishingspectacles and designed an technique he afterwards
known as the “Joker Process.” The Joker Process laid the theoretical foundation with the
Theatre on the Oppressed, the umbrella time period Boal used for all his subsequent
theoretical developments. Even while in the Forum Theatre, his most favored theatricalstructure, the lineaments of your Joker procedure are apparent. The process incorporatedboth of those dramaturgy and staging strategies, bringing with each other all the experimentsanddiscoveries Boal experienced Formerly built. The phrase “Joker” had, in Boal’s intellect, the
exact importance as the “Joker” enjoying card, a card that has far more mobility thanany of one other playing cards within the deck. Just like the cards, in his tecnique, the joker playunique roles inside various contexts andcombinations, such as director, referee,
and workshop chief. The process also facilitates the development of a character, which often canEngage in several roles: actor, character, refrain, and protagonist, all in a similaperformance. This post scientific tests the Joker Technique And just how Boal remodeledpresent, standard theatrical codes as well asviewers’s habitual method of viewing a
play.Joker Sistemi 1965 yılında, Augusto Boal’in Arena Tiyatrosu’nun Arena ZumbiyiAnlatıyor gösterisini sergilemesiyle başlamıştır. Boal ve grubu Zumbi üzerine çalışırken yenigeleneksel-olmayan yöntemler denemiş ve daha sonra Joker Sistemi olarak adlandıracağı yeni
bir yaklaşım yaratmıştır. Joker sistemi Augusto Boal’in daha sonra geliştireceği tümkuramları da içine alan bir şemsiye başlık olarak adlandırdığı Ezilenlerin Tiyatrosu’nun dakuramsal temellerini atmıştır. Boal’in en popüler tiyatro tekniği olan Discussion board Tiyatyro’da dahiJoker sisteminin ayrıcı nitelikleri görülmektedir. Sistem, Boal’in daha önce gerçekleştirdiğitüm deney ve buluşları bir araya getirerek hem dramaturji, hem de sahneleme tekniklerinibirleştirmiştir. Boal için ‘Joker’ kelimesi bir oyun kâğıdı desdesinde diğer kartlara göre çOkaydaha fazla hareketliliği olan joker oyun kartı ile aynı öneme sahiptir. Oyun kâğıtlarındaolduğu gibi, onun tekniğinde de joker, yönetmen, hakem, atölye lideri gibi çeşitli rolleri farklıbağlamlar ve kombinasyonlar içinde oynar. Sistem aynı zamanda aynı gösteri içinde oyuncu,karakter, koro, başkahraman gibi farklı rolleri oynayabilen bir karakterin oluşturulmasınısağlar. Bu makale Joker Sistemi ve Boal’in mevcut, geleneksel tiyatro kodlarını veseyircilerin alışılagelmiş biçimde oyun izleme alışkanlığını nasıl dönüştürdüğünüirdelemektedir.


Boal made various developments in his dramaturgical imagining in the time
he was a younger, enthusiastic, and considerably naïve playwright to his Dying as
polished elder statesman of avant garde theatre. Essential to an knowledge of his
advancement is the way Boal researched the interrelationship of script, performers
and audience.At the Main of his dramaturgical progress is Augusto Boal’s (1995) perception
that “theatre can be a vocation for all human beings” (s. four). Boal remained motivated by
this perception, at any time Prepared to continue to change his Tips. The main reason was his faith from the
means of people themselves to change, a religion supported by his rivalry that
theatre may be an instrument of transform. How can theatre change people? Boal
contended that it enabled folks to look at their actuality, “perceiving what it can be,
identifying what It’s not and imagining what it could grow to be.” (Boal,1995, s. thirteen)
Boal’s religion was in persons’s creative imagination, capacity and functionality, irrespective of who
they are and what they are. These religion inside the capacity of all folks to further improve their
good deal, irrespective of class, gender and ethnicity, experienced pushed him over the years. He experienced a
faith that every one are capable of observing what is, a religion that all are capable of
articulating and aspirations, and in the end to incorporate their vision into his have
and designed Theatre in the Oppressed. Boal also experienced faith in himself due to the fact he was
prepared to study from them, with them, and also instruct them subsequently.
How can Theatre with the Oppressed, invented in a 3rd Globe context during
the 1960s, continue to be pertinent today, practiced even in nations around the world of your produced
earth? Just one reason is that Theatre of your Oppressed hardly ever claims for being a completed
solution, nor does it profess to have uncovered the sole way. It’s really a new
dramaturgical language and like numerous living languages, Theatre on the Oppressed
variations as it encounters new predicaments that demand from customers it evolve to meet the specific
issues These circumstances present. It is actually in an endless hunt for dialogue that should
empower people today to acquire their say. Theatre in the Oppressed is usually practiced in almost any
Portion of the world as it listens to men and women, letting them utterance and thus
helping to prepare a better future for on their own. Theatre from the Oppressed will not be a
completed, finely honed product. This is a theatrical methodology its practitioners can
adapt in many methods that will help folks comprehend their complications, no matter whether particular,
social, or political. It looks toward a better future since it assists contributors to
get an Energetic job in making their prospective clients and expressing their hopes for brighter

The Joker Process

Augusto Boal developed his First theatrical philosophy and techniques
among the a long time 1956 and 1971 when he was the director of your Arena Theatre in
São Paulo. Contrary to all kinds of other theatre teams in Brazil who modeled by themselves
together European lines and Based on overseas precedents influences, Boal plus the
Arena needed to develop theatre that represented community knowledge and sensibility:
Right after Entire world War II, Usa businessmen observed it less costly to operate their
personal factories in Brazil. In lieu of ship items with the U.S. They might
cash in on a very low typical wage, and also the factories could be nearer to both equally the
markets and also the raw supplies essential: metal, minerals, oil, and many others. So it was
chose to make São Paulo the most important industrial town in South America. U.S.
dollars started out pouring in, U.S. companies ended up granted massive loans from
Brazilian This industrial prosperity designed a few distinctive courses in Brazil. The very first
was the abundant bourgeois course who welcomed not simply European luxuries but will also
European artwork and aesthetic criteria. At the same time, postwar industrialization in
Brazil also established a brand new working course, along with a section of the new middle
course who didn’t respond to European –designs. Boal and his group wooed these
audiences with theatrical types rooted in Brazilian ethnic encounter.
We toured the poorest northern provinces of Brazil, enjoying in the streets, in
entrance of churches, on trucks, anywhere, for any peasant and employee viewers. Just after
each performance we talked about the Participate in While using toptenslifethe viewers (Boal, 1970, s. ninety one).
Though working with this sort of approaches Boal and his team developed an strategy
he called the “Joker Procedure.” The Joker Program laid the theoretical Basis for
the Theatre of the Oppressed, the umbrella expression Boal used for all his
subsequent theoretical developments. Even in the Forum Theatre, his hottest
theatrical format, the lineaments of the Joker program are evident.
The Joker Program started in 1965, when the Arena Theatre executed Arena
Narrates Zumbí. Through the rehearsals of Zumbí, Boal’s theories started to consider
condition. Zumbí was the initial in a number of performances identified as “The Arena Theatre
Narrates…,” by which Boal and his group uncovered and produced a whole new narrative
formulation, which they later on perfected Using the Arena Theatre Narrates Tiradentes.
Edgar Quiles(1981) states that this new system Boal at first known as a “new non-
standard technique for executing spectacles” (s.49). Afterwards he called it the “Joker
technique.” The process incorporated both dramaturgy and staging tactics, bringing

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