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Reddy Kancharla Talks About Few Modern Construction Techniques

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The construction industry is extremely dynamic. The techniques involved in it are numerous, and diverse types of construction styles and processes are practiced across the globe. Reddy Kancharla additionally mentions that while certain construction techniques have been around for hundreds of years, a number of them are quite modern and have been introduced over the last decade or so. He has been working in the domain of construction for decades, and is especially experienced in civil construction, construction QA/QC, and geotechnical consultation. His years in the industry make him a great candidate to talk about construction techniques.

Even though the traditional, time-tested approaches of construction has played a major role in shaping the construction industry to where it has been today, a number of newly developed construction techniques and other industry-related innovations are further reshaping the domain. Reddy Kancharla mentions that there are a number of modern techniques that have impacted every aspect of building construction and made them better.

Today a plethora of innovative technologies are being harnessed in the construction industry largely to improve the qualitative index of buildings. This has even provided a lot of advantages for the end-users, enabling them to prevent expenses on repairs and other incidental building-related jobs. Moreover, owing to many modern techniques, construction lead times have also been reduced and building costs have been rationalized.

Here are some of the modern construction techniques that are picking up pace today, according to Reddy Kancharla:

  • 3D volumetric construction: By using this modular construction technology, 3D units can be produced in controlled factory settings with the help of the needed construction and building materials. Finished units are subsequently transported to the site in diverse modules basic structural blocks or even final touched up units that have all the amenities installed for better assembly. These blocks can be rapidly erected at the site and properties of concrete like thermal mass, sound resistivity and fire retardant are retained.
  • Precast flat panel modules: These are basically floor and wall modules that are manufactured away from the actual project site, and transported there for erection. Load bearing components like insulation panels and decorative cladding can also be produced. This technology is also known as cross-wall construction and as gained momentum in the recent years owing to the smooth adherence to specifications, as well as high ease of construction.
  • Tunnel formwork system: With the help of this tunnel technique, the construction work can be paced up for cellular structures of repetitive patterns with the help of repetitive patterns through the building of monolithic walls or even units in a single operation per day. Word can be streamlined with ease by deploying formwork and swiftly mixing concrete with the convenience and agility of factory conditions.. Ideally, formworks in tunnel form are stacked and used at site with cranes.

These were some of the innovative and modern construction techniques used today, and they can add a lot of efficiency to a project.

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